About Us

homeparks.com.au offers the widest and most comprehensive range of residential villages and manufactured homes in Australia, providing a variety of housing and location options to suit all budgets and lifestyles.

Be it a Sea change or a Tree change, residential villages offer a low maintenance environment, with recreational facilities. community spirit, and the opportunity to pursue outside activities (extended holidays & travel) with the knowledge that your property is secure.

homeparks.com.au is owned and operated by Jeff Carryer Realty P/L – Lic Real Estate Stock, Station and Business Agent, with fully trained personnel and office staff and shop front premises.

Residential Villages offer an increasingly popular and affordable lifestyle option, with huge growth over recent years, and widespread acceptance and credibility as an alternate style of living. As with all major lifestyle choices independent research is advisable with printed and internet information freely available.

For further information call our friendly consultants on 0413 133 511.

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